Silver cufflinksWhat do you do when you are going to a black tie event in which every guy will be wearing a tux?  Sure, you like putting a tux on because it makes you look more distinguished, but you will look like every other person at the party.  You want to stand out and be original, but how can you go about doing it a party with a dress code?  That’s when you’re cufflinks come into play.  Besides your watch, cufflinks are the one thing that can make you look different than the rest of the crowd when you are at a party with a dress code.

They don’t only need to be worn with tuxes however.  You can wear them with any nice shirt you have.  The best part is that they add flavor to any outfit.  But there are some things to consider when buying a new pair to go with an new outfit.

The first thing you need think about when buying a new pair of cufflinks is what you are going to wear them with.  There is no need to buy a pair of flashy silver ones if you’re going to wear them with a shirt that will be hidden under your jacket all night.  But what if you decide to wear a dressy shirt and no jacket over it?  Then it would make sense to put on those sparkling ones because they will make your outfit look a lot better.  They will make your shirt jump out and grab the attention of the whole room.

Where does one go to buy a new pair of cufflinks ?

There are many options for you.  There is always the mall where you can go to any department store and find a nice pair.  One of the better ideas however, is to go to an outlet shop to get yourself a new pair of links.  The department store will give you plenty of options when you are looking.  You will be able to find any type of cufflink you could think off.  If you go to a shop like Ross, you might not find what you are looking for, but you will save money.  But you might get lucky and find a cool pair hidden behind the rack of ties in the back.  The great thing about those shops is the deals you can find.  It’s a good idea to stop by a few days a week after work to see if they got a new shipment in.  In the long run it’ll save you money.  If you have the time it’s a good idea, if not, the department store is your best choice.

Cufflinks are a great way to distinguish yourself from the crowd when going to a party full of men in tuxes.  They are also a great way to turn a normal outfit into one that will have people looking at you all night long.  Whatever the occasion, it’s always a great idea to look your best.  Get a nice pair of links and wear them with your favorite shirt.  You feel like you’re the life of the party.

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