The Watch of Distinction – The Rolodex Datejust II

A watch really needs to do more just more than tell the time. It was true in 1945, when Rolex made history with the very first Datejust, the very first watch to display the date in a window on the dial. It is also so true now in 2012, with the arrival of Datejust II setting its owner apart with a beautiful polished bezel and Roman numerals around a sapphire-colored face. The more is what makes the Datejust II simply remarkable.

And the more is what makes you want this beautiful timepiece. And since you’re not paying for any more here than you probably need — see: people who throw down big for watch functions that they’ll never use — there’s no risk of you looking at your watch one day and thinking, lamenting, that it’s just too much. The Datejust II offers the right amount of more, and it also happens to keep time beautifully.

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