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If you buy a Breguet watch you will be in some very exclusive company. Did you know, for example. That both the queen of France Marie-Antoinette and the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Were both clients of the prestigious French watch brand?

It all started in 1775 in Paris, when founder A.-L. Breguet set up his watchmaking business on the Quai de l’Horloge. On the Ile de la Cité. Although he was born in the town of Neuchâtel in Switzerland. It was in Paris where he spent most of his life. And became one of the most renowned names in horology. Breguet studied the art of watchmaking with a passion. And his inventions still influence the horological world to this very day. His work is continued by his heirs who still regard each watch they make as a piece of fine art.

Breguet’s career began with several ground breaking moments, in the art of watch and clock making. First of all he developed the very successful self-winding Perpétuelle watches. Then came the introduction of gongs for repeating watches. This was followed by the first shock protection for balance pivots. Every watch created in Breguet’s workshops was enhanced by the latest horological technologies. Using original movements that were usually fitted with lever or ruby-cylinder escapements.

Perhaps not surprisingly, that famous couple whose love of the finer things in life, Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. Soon became enthusiasts of Breguet’s work. However during the French Revolution, A.-L. Breguet took refuge in Switzerland. To escape from the excesses of that period. When he returned to Paris, he was bursting with the new ideas. That he’d been perfecting whilst in his self imposed exile. He swiftly produced the Breguet balance-spring, his first carriage clock (which Napoleon Bonaparte bought). The Sympathique clock, the Tact watch, and finally the Tourbillon which he patented in 1801.
For the crème de la crème of society. Breguet became the watchmaker du jour.  With his watches and clocks being purchased by the most elite members of the scientific, military, financial, royal and diplomatic worlds of the day. For his favoured and most celebrated clients. He personally designed fabulous timepieces. In 1810 the world’s very first wristwatch was born when he designed this advancement in watch wearing for Caroline Murat, the queen of Naples. In recognition of his work, he was appointed to the Board of Longitude and as chronometer maker to the French navy. He also entered the Academy of Sciences and was presented with the Legion of Honour from King Louis XVIII.

These days, the company thrives in a fashion, that would make A.-L. Breguet proud. Whilst the designs themselves may be fabulously glamorous.  Don’t be deceived by their looks because behind those casings, the brand has been busy filing even more patent applications. For new advancements in the art of fine watchmaking. Whether you favour the glittering high jewellery collection. The Reine de Naples watches or the sturdy and practical yet stylish Marine collection. You will be acquiring a watch that has been borne of over 200 years of history and innovation.

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