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Breitling Ireland

Founded by Léon Breitling in St. Imier, Switzerland in 1884.  The eponymously named brand, has long since been synonymous with luxury. With technical watches for both sexes. Making the company motto ‘Instruments for Professionals’ soundly justified. Since the year 2000, all models have been created, with the choice of a certified chronometer. Making the brand one that is often favoured by professional sportsmen and women. Athletes, adventurers and even astronauts.

The watches are divided into three broad ranges: Diving, Aviation and Luxury. Diving boasts the SuperOcean watch. Aviation the famous Navitimer and Luxury features the exclusive, Breitling for Bentley. Whichever model you choose, you can be assured of a rugged exterior. A highly polished case, a synthetic sapphire face and enough technical data. To ensure that your next space mission, will be a success!

Breitling’s philosophy

Advancement has always been at the forefront, of Breitling’s philosophy. As a result of this, in the 1940’s, a circular slide rule was added to the bezel of the chronograph models. To assist the pilots of the aircraft who wore them. This addition meant that the watch was subsequently known as the Navitimer and such was its success that in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Allowed their logo to be featured on the dial.

Pushing the boundaries again in 1961. After being approached by one of the astronauts from the Mercury space program. Breitling unveiled the 24 Hour Navitimer. Which featured a 24 hour dial, instead of a regular 12 hour one. The astronaut in question, Scott Carpenter, was so pleased with the result.  That he wore it on a space flight the following year. The watch went into production, was christened the Cosmonaute Navitimer. It has long been considered by industry experts. As a ground breaking example of watch design.

Turning their attention to civil aviation. Breitling produced the ‘Emergency’ watch for aircraft pilots. This watch contains a radio transmitter. Which broadcasts on a distress frequency, with a range of over 160 kilometres.  Far from being a gimmick, saved the lives of two British pilots. Who in 2003, were rescued from their life boat after their helicopter crashed in Antarctica. The crew of a Chilean aircraft, managed to locate them. After picking up the signals transmitted from their watches. If you don’t hold a pilot’s license and want to own an ‘Emergency’ watch, you still can. But be aware, that you will need to sign an agreement stating. That if you accidently trigger the distress beacon. You will be held responsible for all consequences.

It may be no great surprise, that the current brand ambassador is footballer David Beckham. A sporting icon, who is not only known for his prowess on the football pitch. But someone who takes style, almost as seriously. When choosing a Breitling watch. You can be assured that whichever model you pick. You’ll be the owner of a watch that not only has a high tolerance. To electrical or magnetic disturbances and is resistant to pressure. But that has a design befitting of the outstanding elite, who choose to wear Breitling.

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