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If a watch brand is good enough for 007 himself. Then you know you’re in good company when choosing an Omega watch. For a stylish and often dangerous secret agent living life on the edge. James Bond’s timepiece of choice needs to combine precision timing, with some serious good looks. In the latest Bond film, Skyfall, Bond relies on his new ‘Seamaster Planet Ocean’ watch. To help him outwit villains and execute escape plans, with split second timing.
Whilst the brand has been Bond’s watch maker of choice for over two decades. The latest Bond, actor Daniel Craig is also currently the brand ambassador. But what is it that makes these Omega watches different, to other makes on the market?

Swiss watches have long been renowned. For their precise internal workings and time telling. But did you know that behind that cool exterior. Omega watches are hiding a pioneering spirit, that even puts the daredevil Bond to shame?

It all began in 1848, in the Swiss city of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Where a 23 year old watch maker named Louis Brandt. Began using parts given to him by local craftsmen. To assemble key-wound pocket watches. When Brandt died in 1879, his two sons, César and Louis-Paul. Took over the running of the fledgling business. Moving from their father’s small workshop. To a factory in the city of Biel/Bienne (Biel is the German name and Bienne the French). Where they could personally over-see their growing workforce.

After the deaths of the two sons, both in 1903. Descendant Paul-Emile Brandt, took over the company at the tender age of 23. Although young, he proved to be a good choice of successor. As he started to build the Omega company. Into the leading watch brand we know it as today.

It is not for nothing that Omega is renowned throughout the world. For their precision timing; did you know, for example. That they have been the timepiece of choice for 24 of the Olympic Games? Or that in 1932 they produced the very first divers watch? It is exactly this pioneering spirit that has led to their watches being worn by the astronauts. In all six moon landings – an astonishing achievement.

But it’s not all about the technology. Looks play a big part in the brand’s success too. For these are some pretty stylish watches. This is probably best reflected in the choice of ambassadors. Of course there is Daniel Craig. But celebrities who embody the Omega spirit such as actors George Clooney, Nicole Kidman and Zhang Ziyi. Athletes ranging from swimmer Michael Phelps. To golfer Greg Norman, and Dr Buzz Aldrin. Who should need no introduction. All also exemplify the subtle, classic quality of Omega watches.

Purchasing Omega watches

Whether you’re choosing an elegant white gold ladies watch studded with diamonds. Or something rugged for him. From one of the specialty collections. You know that you’ll be purchasing a piece of history, that will be not only worn and loved by you. But will be handed down for future generations to appreciate.

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