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The name Rolex is synonymous with top of the range designer watches. But did you know that they began life as one man’s dream, to create the perfect wristwatch? When a young German man named Hans Wilsdorf turned his attention to watch making, at the beginning of the 20th century. Watches were overwhelmingly worn on a chain in a pocket watch style. Wristwatches were available, but they were notoriously unreliable. It became Wilsdorf’s ambition, to create a watch that could be worn on the wrist and would not only keep perfect time. But look elegant and stylish too.

Hans achieved his ambition and Rolex wristwatches were born. The company has continued to make notable advancements, in the world of horology ever since. Accuracy has always been at the forefront of all the designs. And back in 1910 the Rolex wristwatch was the first in the world. To be presented with the watchmakers’ Swiss Certificate of Chronomatic Precision.

Today it is virtually a household name. Seen worn on the wrists of the rich and famous. From actor Brad Pitt to the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara. But did you know that in 1926 the Oyster was the world’s first dust and water proof watch. Thanks to its hermetically sealed casing? In fact, just one year later, the Oyster made headlines when it was worn by a swimmer by the name of Mercedes Gleitz. When she swam the English Channel. The journey took 10 hours and the watch was still in perfect working condition. At the end of the arduous journey. When Mercedes finally reached France. Just a few years later in 1931 Rolex broke new ground again. When they launched their self-wind watches. Yet another first in the history of watchmaking. Which continues to be the blueprint for watches everywhere.

By 1953, Rolex watches were synonymous with reliability. Thanks to many of their aficionados wearing them. Whilst attempting daring feats and acts of courage. This made the Oyster Perpetual, the perfect choice of timepiece for Sir John Hunt, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Nosegay. When they became the first people to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

These days you will find Rolex’s not only on the wrists of adventurers, explorers and athletes. But this is the brand of choice for discerning style icons too. Thanks to the classic elegance of the watches. For example, the fluted bezel on an Oyster watch. Started out as a practical and functional feature. By screwing the bezel to the casing, it insured the watch was waterproof. However nowadays this is a purely aesthetic design and the symbol of an authentic Oyster.

Purchasing a Rolex watch

When you purchase a Rolex watch. You are acquiring an item with a long and proud history. From world record breaking acts of courage. To modern day sporting achievements. You will wear your watch with pride, knowing that not only do you have a descendant of the world’s first chromatically precise, waterproof and self-winding watch on your wrist. But that you have impeccable taste too.

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