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One of a very select few of watchmakers. Who produce all of their movements, parts, casings and straps completely from scratch. In their own workshops, Zenith was formed in 1865. By a young 22 year old. By the name of Georges Favre-Jacot in Le Locle, Switzerland.

Favre-Jacot had one aim. And that was to dedicate himself. To creating the most precise and reliable watches available at that time. Somewhat of a visionary, he soon realised that to achieve this goal. He would need to take a fresh look. At the way his watches were produced. In those days the parts of watches and their mechanisms. Were all produced by any number of different artisans. Who all worked out of separate workshops, in different parts of the city. Georges Favre-Jacot understood. That this made it difficult for the makers of the parts. To interact with each other and see how each part interacted with another. Thus hampering the testing and watchmaking process as a whole.

To combat this, he revolutionized the way watches were made. By building spacious workshops, where all workers involved. In the process of manufacturer and assembly. Could be united all under one roof. This enabled the artisans to better communicate with each other. And allowed them to test components and the complete mechanism. As a whole as they worked. Thanks to this move, which was groundbreaking in the industry. Zenith quickly became known. As a forward thinking company, that offered lovingly constructed, reliable and accurate timepieces. A reputation that is still acknowledged today. In fact the brand has been awarded 1st place an outstanding 1,565 times. In the industry’s precision awards to date.

Not only that, but despite being purchased by LVMH (Louis Vuitton) in 1999. Zenith are a company who are proud of their roots and production and assembly. Of all Zenith components and watches. Still takes place in the exact same workshop, created by Favre-Jacot to this very day.

Zenith wristwatches are Timeless

The Zenith look is understated and timeless. These are not watches that need a big celebrity name attached to them. To endorse them or that shout to be noticed. But are quietly classic timepieces. Whose owners are confident enough, in themselves. To not have to have the latest or most ‘bling’ watch on the market. Whether you prefer the elegant ladies Moonphase. Or the sleek looks of the men’s Captain. Or something a little more technical, like the El Primero Chronomaster. Your choice of Zenith watch speaks volumes about you.

If Georges Favre-Jacot could see, how he revolutionized the way watches are made. He would no doubt be exceedingly proud. To see that not only are his watches still being assembled. In the same way and in the same workshop, from start to finish. But that it’s still happening right in the very same workshop. That he built all those years ago.
Choose a Zenith watch and you are choosing not only a stylish and accurate. Way to tell the time. But a piece of watchmaking history too.

Please enjoy this short video on Zenith

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